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Alexandra Hochreiter is a Romanian born visual artist with a background in architecture,

who likes to explore interdisciplinary design and visual storytelling.

I was always drawn to art and my oldest memory has me holding a coloured pencil in my hand. While studying and practicing architecture my path has taken me in the past 15 years to Ljubljana, Malaga, Kosice, Shanghai, Berlin and finally to Vienna where I am based. I was all my life a city girl but now I live in a small village outside, enjoying a very tiny courtyard together with my husband. and our cat, Strudel.

Always hungry for illustrating and with an inexhaustible energy to explore new universes, I look at my subjects through a special lens that allows fantasy to overcome reality, imagining in every corner a magical and invisible world that lives by itself. I love illustrating all sort of subjects – I am attracted to the weirdness in things, the peculiarity of fate, and self-explorations regarding dreams, hopes and wishes.

I am the happiest when I can work traditionally, in mixed media techniques getting dirty of gouache and stained with inks, but I am no stranger to the the digital realm either. Absorbed by colours and the way they interact to each other I enjoy exploring the thin line of what that I call “controlled accidents” where rich textures birthed by chance are contrasting with carefully planned flat shapes, although you will also find monochrome pieces through my work.

I learned with time to give in to the tiny voices inside and to allow extraordinary into the ordinary, and I conjure anyone looking at my work to do the same.

IMG_4518_blue crop.jpg



  • GROUP EXHIBITION Austrian Illustration Ausstellung -"Drawn to Water" 
    shown on beamer 
    March 2023 , Alie Schiebekammer, Vienna 

  • COMISSIONED GROUP EXHIBITION for the National Cotroceni, headquarters of The Presidential Administration,

      “Ferdinand and Maria: a common destiny, Greater Romania”, April 2021, Bucharest, Romania

  • GROUP EXHIBITION at Senso Gallery, “Feminine March” (“Martie la Feminin”), March 2021, Bucharest, Romania
    a glimpse of the opening day

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