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Alexandra Hochreiter is a Romanian-born visual artist and illustrator with a background in architecture and resides near Vienna with her husband and their cat, Strudel.


Embracing interdisciplinary design and visual storytelling, she infuses a bit of magic into every illustration that she creates, looking at her subjects through a special lens, that allows fantasy to overcome reality. Whether working with traditional or digital mediums, she is wholly absorbed in the intricacies of mixed media techniques, seeking to craft rich textures that mirror the complexities her subjects. As she delves into the artistic process, she navigates the delicate balance on the thin line she refers to as "controlled accidents," exploring the unexpected and embracing the beauty found in the spontaneous moments of creation. 


Over time she surrendered to the tiny voices within and conjures people to allow extraordinary into their ordinary lives.



  • 2024 || part of the TANGENTE VISIONALE Team within the Tangente St. Pölten – Festival für Gegenwartskultur in co-operation with ArtEmbassy and Österreichisches Institut für nachhaltige Entwicklung (ÖIN) during which three house walls in St. Pölten will be transformed into oversized canvases in a collaborative work process (Mural Work)

  • 2024 || Visual Art Live Performance in form of a live drawing projection for “Die Rosarote Brille”, Exhibition of the KulturhauptSTART as part of the official opening of the Tangente St. Pölten 

  • 2024 || Project “Home” selected to be displayed at Romanian Design Week 2024, #11 edition under the theme CONNECTIONS, a multidisciplinary festival dedicated to creative industries, organised by The Institute

  • 2023 || GROUP EXHIBITION Austrian Illustration Ausstellung -"Drawn to Water" 
    shown on beamer, Alte Schiebekammer, Vienna 

  • 2021 || COMISSIONED GROUP EXHIBITION for the National Cotroceni, headquarters of The Presidential Administration, Bucharest, Romania

      “Ferdinand and Maria: a common destiny, Greater Romania”

  • 2021 || GROUP EXHIBITION at Senso Gallery, “Feminine March”
    (“Martie la Feminin”), March 2021, Bucharest, Romania a glimpse of the opening day


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